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About us

imima is a sales and marketing company focused on the animals feed sector. We work as exclusive distribution partner for the Greek manufacturer S.I.N. HELLAS. 

About our Licking Blocks

Traditionally simple salt licking blocks and mineral licking blocks are known. However, the company S.I.N. HELLAS has shown that licking blocks are an excellent way to provide the animal with further supplements. Since more than 25 years the Greece-based company produces highly specialized licking blocks based on high-quality table salt of the Mediterranean Sea. The production is certified by German QS (quality + safety) and ISO 22000. 

S.I.N. HELLAS has the most comprehensive selection of mineral licking blocks worldwide and is seen as market leader. Specialized licking blocks for cattle, cows, goats, sheep and horses have been developed, which allow the animals to ingest the supplements based on their individual needs. Revolutionary is the patented ANTI-INSECT mineral licking block with its special insect repellent formula. The formula is absolutely harmless to the animals and protects them from flies, mosquitos, fleas and other harmful insects simply through licking.

Beside the basic mineral licking blocks for the basic health care, we offer special stones with extra vitamins, biotin, zinc, magnesium or essential oils for alleviation of respiratory problems. Some of the unique products are ANTI-INSECT, PRO-BIOTIC with live yeast, ANTI-KETOSIS, ANTI-ACIDOSIS and ANTI-STONE mineral licking blocks.