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Mineral Licking Blocks

We offer a wide selection of mineral licking blocks for various animals like cattle & cow, sheep, goat and of course hourses. 

For our mineral licking blocks we only use Mediterranean sea salt in food-grade quality. The lickstone production is certified by German QS system and also by ISO 22000.  

Mineral Licks

We offer a wide range of mineral licks based on molasses for various animals and their needs. 

ENERGY LICKS  is made for horses. The small version ENERGY LICKS Leckerli (750g) is a healthy and tasty licking goody. With minerals, trace elements and a balanced mix of vitamins it is perfect as reward or as a distraction (e.g. veterinary examination). 

EQUILICKS is a new, tasty and weather-resistant mineral licking bowl (7,5kg) with only 20% molasses (from sugar beet) for your horse’s all-round supply. 

EUROLIX is manufactured in many variations for the needs of cattle & cows. Also an Anti-Insect version is available. 

PREMIUMLIX is especially made for goats and sheep and also many variations are available.


All our products are produced in the European Union (Greece). The manufacturer S.I.N. HELLAS is subject to strict quality control with steady observation and is certified in accordance with EN ISO 22000:2005. The production follows the high European environmental and social standards.