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Mineral Salt Blocks & Mineral Licks

Discover our mineral salt blocks and mineral lick trays especially for horses.

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Lick Blocks

Each of our diverse lick blocks has been developed by experts. Their formulations are adapted to the needs of horses and can serve as an ideal source of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

All our mineral licks are based on Mediterranean salt in food grade quality. The production is both ISO 22000 and QS certified.

Lolly-Licks - The healthy activity lick

Lolly-Lick 750g

Our Lolly-Lick is a great and healthy horse toy and provides more variety, whether in the box, on the paddock, or in the open stable and effectively helps against boredom or restlessness.
The basic ingredient of the horse lolly is high-quality Mediterranean salt with natural iodine, supplemented with minerals + trace elements and rich in vitamins.

Due to the holder (e.g. from Likit) the 750g Lolly-Lick can be freely suspended and invites to play. 

Lolly-Licks can be provided to the horse permanently, as they do not contain sugary glucose or molasses and are also grain-free.

Lolly-Licks are available in 6 different, tasty flavours: soothing with camomile/ stressless with lavender/ vitamin booster with rosehip/ breathable with mint-eucalyptus/ fruity with apple/ simply delicious with vanilla-banana. 

Mineral Lick Tubs

Energy Licks Leckerli

The small (750g), healthy and tasty mineral lick ENERGY LICKS LECKERLI is especially developed for horses. It contains a very high-quality mixture of molasses, vitamins, organic and inorganic minerals, as well as vegetable fats, oils and proteins. NERGY LICKS LECKERLI has only natural ingredients without artificial stabilizers and no preservatives. It is an ideal daily feed enrichment to the horses.

ENERGY LICKS LECKERLI is the perfect goody as a reward for the horse or to calm down nervous horses, e.g. prior transportation or veterinary visit.


Discover our mineral salt blocks and mineral lick trays especially for horses.

Please browse our catalogue!