Free Will Feeding

Animals have a natural instinct to meet their mineral needs by seeking out different sources of nutrients to absorb the amount of minerals and vitamins their bodies require. 

Lick blocks and lick tubs are very conducive to this natural instinct. The animals can use the licks at their own will (free will) and according to what they individually need. 

The great advantage of a "free will" supply is that most deficiency symptoms and resulting diseases do not occur. The animals remain vital and healthy and are more resistant to diseases. 

With a Lick Block Bar, the nutritional philosophy of free will feeding can be ideally implemented.

The "Lick Block Bar"

With a lick block bar, the animal is offered a selection of different lick blocks at the same time. So it can ideally balance its individual need for minerals, trace elements and vitamins at its own will. 

Each of our mineral lick blocks has been explicitly developed for a specific benefit or need. Each lick has a specific recipe, always taking into account the needs of the animal. 

By offering different licks, the animal can draw on its natural instinct and seek out different sources of nutrients.

Movie "free will feeding" with lick blocks

See the benefits of "free will feeding" in combination with a Lick Block Bar.

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